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Aoko Aozaki Voice: Haruka Tomatsu
A Magician who lives in the modern world... though she is still an apprentice. Until middle school, Aoko lived a life uninvolved in the world of magecraft, but she was named her grandfather's successor once she entered high school. Otherwise, she is a normal high schooler. Thankfully, her strength of spirit and never-give-up attitude allowed her to adapt to the life of a mage. She is a reliable, big-sister sort of person who always sticks to her beliefs. She's a girl you can find anywhere, special in her own way.
Alice Kuonji Voice: Kana Hanazawa
A Witch hiding amidst the modern world. The last of her kind. Alice is a genuine witch who has lived in the world of magecraft her entire life. Owing to certain events in her life, she moved away from her homeland of England and settled in a provincial Japanese city. Currently, she attends the prestigious Reien Girls' Academy for the elite. Because she is quiet and avoids getting involved with others, she feels most comfortable living on her own. She is a secret romantic who keeps her beliefs close to her chest and an icon of a girl who seems special in her own way, but not as much as one might think.
Soujyuro Sizuki Voice: Yusuke Kobayashi
A young boy from the countryside, introduced into the modern world. In a sense, he is a relic of another time. Soujyuro becomes an ordinary high school student, slowly adapting to his new life while being amazed by the abundance the city offers. His forward-looking attitude nothing if not stalwart. While a boy of few words, he is amiable enough that he gets along with most people. A down-to-earth boy who speaks little of his beliefs. He's nobody special... but neither is he normal.
Tobimaru Tsukiji Voice: Toshinari Fukamachi
A boy who goes to Aoko's high school. Tobimaru is the student council vice president, and son of the school chairman. Despite his upbringing in a wealthy household, his attitude and manner of speech can be rough, earning him the nickname "His Gangster Highness" at school. He begins to look after the new transfer student, Soujyuro, and soon becomes his close confidant. He just can't seem to get rid of Aoko, a fellow student council member, and rumors abound that they might be a couple. According to Tobimaru, "I wouldn't date her if we were the last people on Earth."
Kojika Kumari Voice: Chika Anzai
A girl who goes to Aoko's high school. Kojika is the student council secretary, and has been good friends with Aoko since their first year. Cool and not easily shaken, her cute appearance belies a certain impulsiveness. She speaks rather pointedly to boys her own age, as she is entirely fed up with how stupid they can be. Kojika is a pragmatist who also finds Soujyuro, guileless as he seems, suspicious because of that apparent frank honesty.
Housuke Kinomi Voice: Shouhei Kajikawa
Soujyuro's classmate. Housuke is cheerful, calculating, and loves girls... so he comes off as a little inadequate. The female students generally think that, "if only he kept his mouth shut, he'd be somewhat popular. Why is he such a disappointment?" He shares a part-time job with Soujyuro, so he often ends up dragging his poor friend, who doesn't know any better, all over town.
Touko Aozaki Voice: Ruriko Aoki
Aoko Aozaki's older sister. Unlike Aoko, who inherited the family magecraft only upon entering high school, Touko was immersed in the arcane from an early age.
Touko has a genius's ego and a streak of wanderlust. While out flitting around the world, she heard Aoko was in trouble, and came straight to the Kuonji estate to offer her counsel. A cheerful young woman who looks quite good in her glasses. Her little sister is often on her mind.
Lugh Beowulf Voice: Atsumi Tanezaki
A boy who arrived in Misaki with Touko. He has a bright, innocent personality.
Yuika Suse Voice: Akiha Matsui
The younger of the Suse sisters working at Aida Church, Yuika was born with poor eyesight, and is now completely blind.
She is famous in town for being a pious and beautiful nun, but also has a tendency toward severity, and apparently has few friends. Yuika was sent to Aida Church several years before Ritsuka and became a sister of the Church.
Ritsuka Suse Voice: Ito Shizuka
The older of the Suse sisters working at Aida Church, she has somewhat troublesome hobbies.
Ritsuka walks a path entirely opposite to her sister and settled in Misaki only a year ago. She has a sunny and carefree personality, making her well-liked by many. To Alice and Soujyuro, Ritsuka seems like a reliable woman, but Aoko seems to hold a grudge against her for some reason.
Eiri Fumidsuka Voice: Hiromichi Tezuka
The chief minister of Aida Church, which has a long history in Misaki Town.
Eiri is a calm man who insists, "I am ordained in name only, so 'Father' will suffice." He is the only child of the Fumidsuka family, which has a long association with the Aozakis. Perhaps due to his position, he can be brutally frank with his advice at times. Alice detests him as she would a venomous serpent.